November 2021 Timetable

At Ristal Institute, online lectures are mainly conducted over the weekend. As such, the weekend lecture schedule is posted here every Friday. Therefore, diploma and degree students are required to regularly check this timetable for information on the scheduled lecture sessions.

Lymphatic system 7am 20/11/2021

Integumentary system 8:30 am 20/11/2021

Careers in Healthcare Management 10am 20/11/2021

Pharmacoepidemiology 11am 21/11/2021

Ethics and Integrity 4pm 20/11/2021

Endocrine system 9am 21/11/2021

Reproductive system 12noon 21/11/2021

Ethics and Integrity at 4pm 21/11/2021

Exams Briefing for Intake 2 at 7am on 27 November 2021

Urinary system at 9am on 27 November 2021

Immune System at 11am on 27 November 2021

Muscular System at 9am on 28 November 2021

Skeletal System at 11am on 28 November 2021

Medical Ethics (Healthcare Management) at 1pm on 28 November 2021

Overview on Nutrition across lifespan module at 2pm on 28 December 2021

16 Replies to “November 2021 Timetable

  1. I’m very very happy that am not at wrong Institute, Ristal Institute will produce professional leaders in various field.

  2. Iam happy this will enable individual to fix his or her program according to the timing.
    Secondly there is clear distinction between Public health students and Nutrition Students
    Thanks Ristal Management team

  3. Topic Writing Skills and Topic Health and Illness is at the same time 10:00am and dated 16/10/2021 how shall we attend.

    1. Writing skills for all students intake 3 is on 16/10/2021 at 8:00 am,
      Health and illness for public health students the same date 16/10/2021 at 2:00 pm.
      So I think you have understood timetable

  4. Hello dear colleagues I didn’t attend the weekends lectures due to the network issues. Since I had joined the institute, I have not received any lectures, but get presentation on line only. Thanks

  5. Thanks Ristal institute for making every work and walk on the platform more easier and affordable. We are delighted to have such a wonderful institute bringing academics to our doors.

  6. Hello,
    I am checking for the exams time table for intake 2 but I haven’t found it please, how can I access the time table for exams of intake 2?

  7. Dear colleagues of intake 3,
    Is there anybody who have got the lecture, s timetable for this Friday, 26/11/2021.

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