What can you do with a Bachelors in Healthcare Management?

A career in Healthcare management is quite rewarding. Graduates of healthcare management have plenty of career options and can work in a variety of healthcare organizations such as NGOs, Hospitals, Healthcare Insurance organizations and many others. They are tasked with ensuring that healthcare organizations run smoothly, apply business and evidence-based principles to ensure that healthcare resources are optimally utilized and that patients receive the better quality of healthcare.

In South Sudan just like any other part of the world, the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and this is not expected to stop any time soon. There will be very high demand for quality healthcare service delivery and it is very important to train healthcare professionals with necessary skills to manage the healthcare sector.

Benefits of studying Healthcare Management

Professional impacts

Healthcare management is a prestigious leadership role that will position you to be on a very high job demand both in South Sudan and around the world by empowering you with noticeable core essential management skills; communication skills, report writing and presentation skills, empathy, ethics and integrity, rationale decision making skills, critical thinking skills, team building (motivation) and networking skills, problems solving & conflict resolution skills, managing diversity skills, ethical skills, organizational and time management skills.

Satisfactory career rewards

A career in healthcare management offers you not only a salary but better perks and benefits compared to other profession across the health sector spectrum with upward career progress in top management ladder due to acquisitions of better skill sets as a result of variety of career roles to propel you up with a noble attachments to patient’s or the community, support workers, clinical teams and management team through intimate interactions.

Professional career variety

The shear variety of career options and assured  upward career mobility; one can choose to work in Hospitals and Medical Centers as Clinic Manager, Medical  Health Service Manager or Hospital administrator , Research organization as Clinical Trials Manager, Healthcare  organizations  as Project/Program Manager, Administrators / Managers in Pharmaceutical Companies , Healthcare management analyst/consultant.

Influence the health status of your nation

Healthcare managers are responsible for equitable distribution of health resources and as such you will directlly contribute to people’s wellbeing and health. Healthier people make smarter choices which in turn improve life for everyone, be it; research, decision making, policy formulations and implementations, resource allocations and utilizations, project planning and management, your work influence is far reaching into the society by solving the common health challenges that affects millions of people in the community.  “As they say with greater power comes greater responsibilities”

Career growth and paths

After successfully pursuing a Bachelor of Healthcare Management, one can further their education in the following post graduate studies amongst others;

  • Masters of Science in Public Health
  • Masters Science in Public Health Promotion and Education
  • Masters of Health service Management
  • Masters of Public Health in Health Economics and Policy
  • Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management
  • Masters of Global Health

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