We offer a number of online programs at advanced certificate, diploma and degree level.

Online Degree Courses

Online Diploma Courses

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  1. I would like to commend Ristal management for setting up this page to update the students and visitors on the academic plans for Ristal Institute.
    Apparently, this site contains all the most relevant plans for all the intakes. I will be starting my day and end it on this site throughout my entire academic journey to ensure that I don’t miss any latest news.

  2. I wound like to share my view on this web site , the reason why i joint Ristal Institute was due to the following facts:
    a. Ristal Institue being the first institute to offer online digital programm for both Business and Health Sciences.
    b. It has a good formating system and very well organized .
    c. It has been recognized, registered by the Higher institution of learning in South Sudan and also afffilated to JICU one of the private University in the COUNTRY.

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