Academic Updates


  1. Ristal Institute Management is very happy for the students performance in the recently concluded oral exams, all students are encouraged to keep up with the spirit of hard work and carefully revision
  2. Intake 4 students are the January 2022 intake students
  3. Intake 4 students have just completed the professional communication, writing and study skills module and those who missed the oral exam for this module will be required to attempt the open book exam already shared
  4. Intake 4 students who joined Ristal Institute in late January will be required to undertake the professioanl communication, writing and study skills module when it is next undertaken
  5. All students who undertook PHC but did not particiapte in the oral exam should attempt the open book exam shared through the WhatsApp chat group
  6. All students of intake 4 pursuing health-related programs have been enrolled in Human Anatomy and Physiology module coordinated by Mr. Bosco and Ms. Anna
  7. Intake 4 and Intake 3 Nutrition students have been enrolled in food microbiology and this will be coordinated by Mr. Frank
  8. Intake 4 and Intake 3 Public Health students have been enrolled in public health microbiology coordinated by Mr. Bosco
  9. Intake 1 and 2 Nutrition students will start Nutrition Anthropology by 5 February 2022 coordinated by Mr. Senoga
  10. Intake 3 and 4 Healthcare management students will start health systems module by 5 February 2022
  11. Intake 3 students will start examinations by 19 February, no student will be allowed to sit exams without clearing their tuition balance
  12. Intake 1 and 2 Public Health students will concentrate on Epidemiology for the next two weeks
  13. The general Whatsapp group shall now be minimally used by the administration, new students shall now be minimally be placed in their respective whatsapp program groups
  14. Any inquiries should be directed to